Understanding Services & Spaces

In a Facility, services work intrinsically with Spaces. Spaces allow you to specify pre-defined locations to assign pets and their scheduled events. Spaces represent the physical locations in your facility (like a Dog Daycare Room), and Services are the types of services that happen within those spaces (like a Half-Day Daycare Service).

Note: Learn how to configure your Main and Add-On Services in our help article: Main Services and Add-On Services. You can also learn how to do so for your Spaces in our help article here: Spaces.

When Are Spaces Assigned to Services?

Assigning Spaces to Services in Pending Requests

When processing a Service Request for a client, a Space must be assigned for these events:

Once a Space is selected, the pet for these services will be located within the Facility.

Assigning Spaces when Scheduling Main Services

When scheduling Main Services for pets, you can assign the Space for the service:

Assigning Spaces for Scheduled Add-On Services

When scheduling a specific date and time for an Add-On service, a Space is assigned to these services.

Scheduled Add-On Services:

Scheduled Smart Add-On Services:

Limiting Services to Spaces

For Spaces, you can choose to limit select Services to a Space. By default, a Space will not be restricted to specific services. This is helpful if you only want select services for a pet to be assigned to a Space when scheduling or approving service requests. For example, the "Big Dog Room" Space is limited to Daycare services.

Note: Learn more in our help article here: Spaces.

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