Facility: The Client Hub

In Time To Pet Facility, the Client Hub is an access point where you can easily view, create, and edit invoices, schedule and edit events, and view and add packages for a client.

Accessing The Client Hub

There are three ways you can access the Client Hub for a client in Facility.

  1. Clicking the "Schedule Client" button in the Calendar:

  1. Clicking the blue "Quick actions" in a client's profile, then clicking "Schedule Services For Client":

  1. Clicking on an event from the Calendar, then the "three bars" to the top right, this action will also open the client's Client Hub:

Invoicing In The Client Hub

In the Client Hub, you can create, edit, and view a client's invoices. You have three invoicing tabs in the hub:

Un-Invoiced Events: Events that are yet to be invoiced.
Invoiced Events: Events that have been invoiced and are currently "tied" to an invoice.
Invoices: A list view of all invoices for the client.
Note: Learn more about invoicing in Facility in our help article: Understanding Invoicing In Facility

Scheduling Events In The Client Hub

To schedule an event in the Client Hub, click the "Add Event" button to the right of the Client Hub:

Next, in the pop-up window, move through the event prompt fields for your selections on the services you wish to schedule.

Date and Time for the event: The date and time options for the event will change based on the type of service selected; "Overnight Service" types will not include a start and end time to choose from, whereas "Daycare" type services will include a start and end time to select from:

Space: The Space to assign the pet and service to.

Service: The selected service from your Main Service list.

Client: The client selected for the scheduled service.

Pets: The pet or pets assigned to the scheduled service.

Event Note: You can leave an "Event Note" directly on the event. Any notes in this field will not be visible to your clients but are visible to your staff. 

When ready, click the "Create Event" button to schedule the service:

Once the service is scheduled, staying in the pop-up, you have additional actions you can take for the scheduled service. Such as creating an Add-On service, creating a new invoice, or moving the scheduled events to an existing invoice, and the option to duplicate this service for future days and dates:

Click the "Update Event" button to save your edits for the scheduled service.
Note: Learn more about scheduling Add-On services in our help article: Scheduling Add-Ons in Facility

Duplication Tool

You can use the Duplication Tool to select any future days and dates to recreate the same event by clicking on dates in the calendar in the pop-up. Click the "Duplicate This Event" to create the additional scheduled services:

Packages In The Client Hub

You can manually add a Package for a client, as well as redeem events for a client from within the Client Hub, and Time To Pet will automatically track the percentage of the Package used.

Note: Learn more about Packages in Facility in our help article: Packages
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