Facility: Viewing Used and Remaining Package Amount

You can easily view the amount used on a client's Package or the amount remaining on a Package by opening the Client Hub for the client.

Note: View our help article to learn more about opening and navigating the Client hub: Facility: The Client Hub

After opening the Client Hub. Navigating to the client's Packages tab within their Client Hub, you can see the percentage of the Package used in the "% Used" column:

To view a more detailed number of used and remaining Package amounts. Staying in the Packages tab of the Client Hub, click the "magnifying glass" icon on the Invoice column for the Package:

In the next window, you can see all the events redeemed against the Package. By clicking the Package in the top left corner of the Client Hub, you can view further Package details:

Next, in the pop-up you can see the number of events against the Package with the amount remaining, such as 3 of out 28 used. To view further details, click "+ Show Full Details":

In the next pop-up, you can view the details:

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