Using Facility As Staff

After activating your account, you will be able to sign into your Facility account through any device with access to a web browser (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile). You can use the Staff Dashboard to view your shifts, track time, communicate with admins, access Front Desk Mode, and more! In this article, we'll review each feature available in Facility.

Staff Dashboard

My Schedule

The first screen you will see after logging in will be the My Schedule page. This section will show you what Shifts you have scheduled for the day (if any) and the ability to add time off.

My Account

On the My Account page, you can manage your details, password, and email/dashboard notifications.

Note: In the Notifications tab, you can toggle specific types of push notifications on and off.

Front Desk Mode

Front Desk Mode is a simplified dashboard view where you can view your schedule, track and manage your clock in and out times, and view the Event Status Menu - which will show pets expected to arrive, depart and pets currently checked in. You can also view the capacity for Spaces to the right as well as pets checked in and assigned to a Space.

Note: Admin and Scheduler roles can learn more about using Front Desk Mode in our help article here: Facility: Front Desk Mode

Report Cards

On this page, you can send Report Cards to pet parents in bulk or individually. You can filter events by Date, Space, Service, Visit Type, and even the event's status, such as Scheduled, Checked In, or Checked Out.

You can select events by using the filter options or manually check the ones you wish to send a Report Card for. Learn more about sending Report Cards here: Sending Report Cards in Facility

Time Tracking

Manage your Time Tracking on this page. You can clock out from this page, as well as view all Past Time Shifts. You can use the filter options to view any past time shifts.

You can also click the "clock icon" to be taken to your Time Tracking page when clocked in:

Locking Front Desk Mode

Locking the Front Desk Mode will take you to the Console. Others can use the console to clock in and out for Shifts or allow others to log back into their Staff Dashboard:

Access Dashboard

It will require a password prompt and take you back to the Staf Dashboard outside of Front Desk Mode.

In-Home and Facility Account

When you are in both softwares you will have a tab at the top allowing you to toggle between In-Home and Facility.

Note: While Facility does not have a Staff App, you can use Front Desk Mode anywhere a web browser (mobile, tablet, laptop, or computer) can be accessed. There you will have a simplified Dashboard view to see pets expected, pets checked into a Space, checked out, your Shift schedule, send Report Cards, and much more!

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