Facility: Front Desk Mode

Front desk mode is a simplified dashboard view that focuses on the day-to-day operations of running your facility, such as scheduling clients, checking pets in and out, sending report cards, and much more!

In Front Desk, you can see your Expected pets that have scheduled events for that day; Checked-in pets, pets that are checked in for scheduled events within the same day, or pets that are checked in within a date range, such as a boarding service; Checked out, pets checked out for the day.

To the right, you have the occupancy for your Spaces, and here, you can see the Space capacity that is available and unavailable, as well as the pets assigned to those Spaces.

Accessing Front Desk Mode

  1. Login to your dashboard.
  2. Using the sidebar navigation, click on Front Desk Mode.
  3. In the pop-up, click "Launch Front Desk Mode" to launch the dashboard:

Checking Pets In and Out

Checking pets in and out for scheduled events or drop-ins can be done in a few simple steps. On the Event Status Menu, Expected, you can see scheduled services to start on the selected date.

To check in a pet for a scheduled service, click the "In" button:

Once the "In" button is clicked, in the pop-up window, you can see the client name, Main Service for the appointment, pet(s) to check in, Space to assign pet(s), as well as an optional Note to add to this scheduled service:

When checking in a pet, you can select Add-On services to add by clicking the Add-On tab, then the "+ New Add-On" button to select an Add-On Service:

When checking in, you can also view and add any additional information to the Fillable Fields on the Run Card:

When ready to check in the pet for this service, click the "Check In Pet" button at any time:

Note: Optionally, if "Show Run Card" is checked, this will prompt a view/print option for the Run Card after checking in pet(s).

Checking Pets Out

On the Event Status Menu, Checked In, you can see scheduled services to start on the selected date.

To check out a pet for a scheduled service, click the "Out" button:

When clicking the Out button, in the pop-up window, click "Next" to move through the checkout process prompts, view the Run Card, and add any applicable Add-Ons before finalizing the check-out process:

Clicking "Next" on the last tab in "Add-Ons" will check out the pet/s.

Need to undo a Check-In? To undo, in Checked-In, click the Out button, then in the pop-up, click the "Undo Check-In":

Sending Group Report Cards

In Report Cards, you can send Report Cards for one or multiple pets at a time. To create a Report Card, you can start by selecting optional filters for scheduled events.

You can filter by Date, Space, or Any Service. You can also select by the status of the Scheduled Events, such as Scheduled, Checked In, and Checked Out:

To write your message for the Report Card, click the "Write Message" button:

In the text box, you can draft the body of your message, to the right, you can select a Report Card created in your Settings ➝ Client Settings ➝ Report Cards from the drop-down:

When ready to send the Report Card, click the "Send Report" button.

If you need to re-select the pets for the drafted Report Card, you can do so by clicking the "Re-Select Pets" button:

Locking Front Desk Mode

Locking the Front Desk Mode will log out the staff account currently logged in:

The lock screen will sit as a place for staff to login/clock in. They can select their name from the drop-down menu options and enter their password. When doing so, they can view any Shifts for the day, choose to Clock-In or Out, or click "Open Console," which will open Front Desk Mode or Dashboard View based on their Role, or click "Cancel" to take the screen back to the login page.

Accessing The Dashboard

To navigate back to the Main Dashboard and close the Front Desk Mode, click "Access Dashboard" at the bottom of the left navigation menu:

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