Facility: Cancelling Events

When a client no longer needs scheduled services, it is typically recommended that you cancel the event rather than delete it. This ensures the event history can be easily accessed, and any financial records tied to the event will not be affected.

To change an event's status to "Canceled", follow these steps. From the Scheduler, click on the event you want to cancel. Then, click "Edit Event" in the pop-up that appears:

 To cancel the event, in the pop-up, click the change the "Cancel Event" button: 

You will then be prompted to choose a cancellation fee to charge the client for this event. By default, the Automatic Cancellation Fee you have configured in your  Invoice Settings will be applied (Read more about  Automatic Cancellation Fees here). You can override that default by making a different selection in the "Action" menu. 

When you click "Confirm," the event status will be changed to "Canceled," and the cancellation fee you selected will be applied to the invoice.

Uncancel A Cancelled Event

If you cancel an event and need to uncancel it, navigate to the event on the calendar, click the event, then click the "Edit Event" button.

In the pop-up window, click the "Uncancel" button:

To confirm you wish to Uncancel the event, click "Yes, Uncancel Event":

How Cancelled Events Appear In Facility

In Facility, you can still see canceled events almost everywhere they appeared before being canceled. However, they will appear differently to indicate at a glance that they are canceled events.
For example, in the client's Client Hub, the event will be "greyed out" in the Status column, with the event's status of Cancelled:

On the invoice, a note will be added to the description stating that it's been cancelled:

On the Scheduler, the event will have a grey line to the left to signal the event has been Cancelled:

Clicking on the event will also show the status:

You can filter by cancelled events on the Scheduler:

Deleting An Event

When clicking to cancel an event/s, you can delete them instead.

Note: Deleting an event permanently removes it from the Client’s Invoice and Schedule. It will be as if the event was never scheduled. Deleting an event cannot be undone.

To delete events, click Cancel when editing an event:

In the pop-up click the Delete Instead:

You will be prompted to confirm you wish to delete instead of cancelling. Click "Yes, Delete This Event" to confirm the action:

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