Facility: Applying Credits & Open Payments

There are two ways to apply a Credit or Open payment to a client's invoice.

Note: Remember that you will only see these options if a client has an Open Payment and/or Credit on their account and they have an open invoice for these to be applied to.

First: You can open an invoice and click the "Add Payment" button on the edit screen. In the pop-up Time To Pet will prompt you to add the credit or open payment first:

Second: You can do this from Invoicing → Bulk Invoicing. Just look for the "Apply Credit" or "Apply Open Payments" tab:

Credits and Open Payments are automatically applied to client invoices before clients are charged if the company is using our Automatic Charging feature. Click here to learn more about Auto Charging: Facility: Automatic Charging

Viewing Client Credits and Open Payments

Credits can be created, edited, and viewed in the Service/Invoices tab → Credit Balance of a client's profile:

You can view both Credits and Open Payments on a client's profile by clicking their "Balance" located below their name and tags in their profile:

In the next window, you can see a view of Credit and Open Payments for the client on the Balance Sheet:


Q: Can clients apply Credits or Open Payments to an invoice?

No, clients cannot apply Credits or Open Payments to an invoice; only an Admin or Scheduler can do so. However, in your Settings → Client Settings → Portal Settings, you can enable this for clients. Clients will see any open payments and credits on their account that can be applied to future invoices. They'll be labeled 'Available Payments' in the Client Portal. Currently, this is only supported in the Client Portal.

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