Bulk Check In and Out In Front Desk Mode

In Front Desk Mode you can check pets in and out individually or in bulk through the Event Status Menu. This tool is helpful if during "rush hours" you find you or your team need to go back and check in or out several pets for the day.

Bulk Checking Pets In

Starting in Front Mode in the Event Status Menu, in Expected, click the "Bulk In" button:

In the next pop-up window you can view the scheduled events details and edit the Service and assigned Space.


The client the service/s are scheduled for.


The pet/s assigned to the event.


The scheudled service for this event.


The Space asssigned to the pet/s for thsi service.


The expected arrival time, by the selected Drop-Off time choose.


Any Add-Ons also scheduled for the event.

Click "Check In (number of selected pets) Pets" to check in the pets:

Bulk Checking Out Pets

To check out checked-in pets, on the Event Status Menu in Checked In, click "Bulk Out":

In the next pop-up window you can have two options for checking out pets in bulk.

Checking out pets that were checked in on today's date:

Checking out pets that were checked in at a previous date:

Note: You can use the "Check/All None" button option to toggle on or off the pets listed for your selection.

When you have selected the pets to check out, you can add an optional Note and view the total charge for the day. You can choose to Just Check Out, which will not charge the client and only check out the pet.

If you would like to charge or claim the events against a Package for the selected clients choose Charge/Package:

Next choose if you would like the events to be redeemed against the select client's open Packages or to charge the clients via their payment method on file, select the correct boxes (or both):

Add to Open Package

If selected clients with an open Package on file will have their events redeemed against the Package.

Charge Card

If selected clients with payment methods on file will be charged for the events.

Click "Checkout (number of selected pets) Pets" to check in the pets:

Order of Operations

If you choose both Add to Open Package and Charge card, the order of operations is as follows:

  1. Claim against open Package
  2. If no open package, try to charge default payment method on file.
  3. If no open package and no payment method on file (or payment fails), then check o


Q: What happens if I am using Bulk Out and one of my client's Package is no longer applicable?

If a client's Package is no longer "open", the events will not be redeemed against the Package. If they have a payment method on file, they will be charged for the events instead.

Q: What happens if my client doesn't have a Package or payment method on file?

The client can then only be checked out by the "Just Check Out" option.

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