Requesting Services in Facility

You can use your Client Portal and likewise in the Client App to submit service requests. To start, click on the “Schedule” link at the top of the page.

Click the “Request New Service” button.

You will now see a form where you can select the dates for your service(s). You can choose "Multiple Days" with a set date range or "Single Day" with one date. Then, click "Continue."

On the next screen, you can select the Pets as well as the type of services. Same Day - daytime services, such as "Daycare" or "Grooming"; Overnight - services spanning one or more nights, such as "Boarding":

After selecting your Service Type, select the services you are requesting from the options listed. If Same Day services are selected, check the box for your Same Day service, then select your Drop-Off and Pickup times. You can also request any Add-On services at this time:

If Overnight services are selected, select the service from the drop-down "Which Service?" options, then select your Drop-Off and Pickup times for your Start and End dates:

For the Overnight service, you can also request any Add-On services at this time as well:

Lastly, you can add any extra comments or notes for your requests:

Image of text box with text above it that says

When you are ready to review all of the services you have requested, click the "Add & Continue" button.

Button with an arrow pointing left that says

The next screen is where you can review your requests, add or remove services to your order, or finalize/submit your service order request.

Requesting Services With A Package

When wanting to request services you wish to redeem against a Package, follow the above steps in navigating to your Scheduler. Then click the "Redeem From Package" button in the pop-up:

If you have multiple Open Packages, you can select the one you wish to redeem from:

Otherwise, your Open Package will appear at the top of the request form:


Q: How do I view how much is left on a Package?

When requesting service, you can see the amount remaining on a Package below the requested service:

Q: Can I edit my request once it is submitted?

You cannot edit the request once submitted, it will be in a "pending" state until approved by the company. However, you can message the company from your Conversation Feed for any questions or changes you may have.

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