Facility: Approving Pending Requests

When a client requests a service, you will be notified via email with the details. To process the request, navigate to your  Scheduler ➝ Pending Requests Tab.

All Pending Requests will be grouped by client; If a client makes multiple requests, they will always be grouped together. The Date Range column will show the first date of a request and then the last date of the request. 

Processing Pending Requests

Requests are processed on a client-by-client basis. To begin, click the “Process Request” button. A new table will be loaded with details of the request:

In the upper left corner of the service request, the following details and options are listed:

Client – The client whose requests you are currently processing. Click the client's name to go to the client’s profile.
Office Note – If you don’t plan on fully processing this request immediately, you can leave a note for yourself or others in your company. This note is only visible on this screen, is unique to this client’s requests, and is never visible to your clients.
Confirmation – If checked, we will send your clients a confirmation of all approved/rejected visits after all visits have been processed. Confirmations are delayed by 10 minutes after the last service in the request is processed. This gives you time to make any adjustments to the scheduled services.

Also available is the Customize Message option next to "Yes, Send Confirmation." This tool allows customization of the body of the confirmation email clients will receive:

Approval Status – The selected status of the Service Request: Approve, Leave As Pending, Mark As Unavailable, Delete.
Date – The requested start and end date.
Service – The requested Main Service.
Drop-Off - The selected Drop-Off time.
Pickup - The Selected Pickup time.
Pets – Pets selected for the requested service.
Add-Ons – Any requested Add-On services for this request.
Space – The Space you would like to assign to the requested service. This will also show the selected Space's occupancy for the requested date range.
Note From Client – Note the client created during the request process.

When you're finished, you can select "Finalize Changes" or manually mark requests in bulk from the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner:

In the next screen, you can review these changes, and a confirmation email will be sent to the client.

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