Clients With In-Home & Facility Accounts

When creating a client with accounts in both softwares, or syncing the client from In-Home to Facility (or vice versa), clients will have access to both softwares immediately. Syncing over clients to Facility or In-Home, will transfer their data into any applicable Client and Pet Fields.
Note: When syncing pet parents from one software to the other, you will not need to resend the Welcome Email.

What's New For Pet Parents in both softwares?

When viewing messages in their Conversation Feed, all messages from each software will be allocated to either the "Facility" tab for all Facility messages or the "In-Home" tab for all In-Home messages, allowing them to toggle back and forth between the two:

When requesting services, clients will see a pop-up asking them to select between "In-Home" or "Facility" services for their request:

Changing A Client's Primary Branch

In a client's profile, by clicking the blue "Quick Actions," you will have the option to "Change Primary Branch." This feature allows you to choose which software is the primary for the client. For example, if this client's Primary Branch is Facility, each time the client logs in to their portal or app, the Facility Conversation Feed will load first; when requesting service, the Facility option will populate first for them to select.


Q: If I sync my client from one software to the other, can I remove their access to the other software?

Yes! For example, if you synced a client from In-Home to Facility and no longer wish them to have access to their In-Home account, you can make them Inactive In-Home after syncing to Facility.

Q: Will clients need different login credentials for each software?

No. Clients will use the same login credentials. They will be able to access their information, pet information, schedule, invoices, and so forth for both softwares in one location via their Client Portal or App.

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