Scheduling Services in Facility

After you have created a Main Service and added a client, you are ready to start scheduling events for your clients in Facility! Whether you need to schedule an event for one day or spanning multiple days this article will show you how to do so.

Scheduling Events

To schedule an event for a client, first open a client's Client Hub to begin scheduling events. To access the Client hub:
  1. Navigate to the Scheduler
  2. Click the "Schedule Client" button:

Select the client from the drop-down you want to schedule events for:

In the client's Client Hub, click the "Add Event" button to begin scheduling:

This will launch the Edit Event screen. From here, you can select the date and time of the visit, select the space for the event, select the service, which pets should be included, and add any notes:

Click "Create Event," and the event will be scheduled and added to the Un-Invoiced Events tab in the Client Hub:

Addtionally, once an event is scheduled, staying in the pop-up, you can choose to move the event to a new or existing invoice, add an Add-On Service, or Duplicate the event:

Duplicating Scheduled Events

Once an event is scheduled, you can Duplicate the event for any future dates. Staying in the pop-up after scheduling an event, in the "Tools" tab, click the "Duplicate" button:

Select the dates you wish for this event to be duplicated on. When clicking on the select dates, they will be populated below the calendar. Click "Duplicate This Event" to create this event for the dates selected:

The duplicated events will now be scheduled on the Calendar and in the Un-Invoiced Events tab.

Scheduling Ongoing Events Using Templates

Imagine you have a client that has the same services scheduled week after week after week, such as full days of daycare every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Scheduling this client manually every week would be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you have multiple clients on a similar ongoing schedule.

This is where Templates come in. With a Template, you can create a set of services once and then have those services automatically (or with the click of an "approve" button) added to the schedule for you. You will never again have to ask yourself if you remembered to schedule Fluffy's daycare for next week!
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