Scheduling Staff in Facility

In Time To Pet Facility, you can build staff schedules in Shifts. The Shift Calendar allows you to view and manage all scheduled shifts. In addition, the Forecasting tab in Shifts helps project staff occupancy and detect any issues with scheduling. You can also generate a Shift Report to track staff time worked, which can be downloaded as a CSV file for payroll processing.

Accessing Shifts Page

  1. Login to your dashboard.
  2. Using the sidebar navigation, click on Scheduler.
  3. Then in the drop-down from Scheduler, click Shifts.

You can start building your staff schedule by clicking on any cell in a staff member’s column on a select day. Once clicked in the pop-up, you can start building a single or multiple-day schedule for staff:

Staff: In the pop-up, you can see the selected staff or choose to change the staff member from the drop-down options
Time (clock icon): Here, you can select the start and end time of the shift
Add To: Select which day(s) of the week you wish to add this shift for
Space: Which Space(s) you would like to assign for this Shift, assigning a Space is optional
Shift Note: Any note to be added for this staff's Shift

You can also view any Time Off for this Staff member in the Time Off tab in the pop-up (this is visible on the Shift Calendar as well):

When ready to draft the staff member's Shift, in the Shift tab on the bottom right-hand side of the pop-up window, click the "Add" button:

Shifts will be added to the Shift Calendar on draft until published. You can leave them on draft and return at a later day or time to publish. When ready to publish, you can do so by clicking the "Publish Schedule" button to move each shift from a draft state to a published one:

Note: Publishing your team’s schedule can only be done in Week View.

When publishing the schedule, in the pop-up, you can choose to "Notify All Users With A Shift" or "Do Not Notify Anyone" of the published schedule:

Forecasting In Shifts

In Shifts, the Forecasting tab can help project staff occupancy needed for scheduling, as well as the present or future occupancy of Spaces. In Forecasting, several icons will appear as indicators on a date and time to help schedule Shifts and determine staff needed.

Generating A Shift Report

When staff have a scheduled Shift and are clocking in and out of each Shift directly through Time To Pet, you can generate a Shift Report to help you quickly see data for time worked. Lastly - this data is easy to download if you need to enter it into a payroll processor.

Accessing Shift Report Page

  1. Login to your dashboard.
  2. Using the sidebar navigation, click on Staff
  3. Then in the drop-down from Staff, click on Pay Center

At the top of the Shift Report, you can filter by a selected date range to generate and download the Report. The Shift Report includes a breakdown of all hourly time captured over the selected filtered date range.

Summary: Time To Pet will show you a summary of all staff members with data for that period in the "Summary" section.
Shift List: The raw data (each individual shift) will be shown in the "Shift List" section. You can also edit individual shifts here. Just click the "Edit" button next to each shift.

Staff time tracking can also be viewed, edited, and added by navigating to a staff's profile in the "Time Tracking" tab. Time Shifts can be added here for the select staff member by clicking the "+ Time Shift" button:

Note: The Shift Report data can also be downloaded to a CSV file (a standard spreadsheet file). This report includes the staff member's name, the number of shifts, Total Time in minutes, and Total Time in hours data. This data export can be used to process payroll via your payroll processor of choice.
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