Facility: Pet Run Cards

Run Cards are a helpful tool for displaying important information per pet. You can customize what information you wish to populate on Run Cards. Run Cards can be printed and placed on the outside of runs/spaces in a physical facility with information that you would like to view outside of the software. You can select which Client and Pet Fields you wish to appear on the Run Cards, as well as create Fillable Fields.
Note: You can also fully customize all of the information collected about your  Clients and their  Pets by creating and modifying the Client and Pet Fields in your Company Settings ➝ Client Fields and Company Settings ➝ Pet Fields.

Accessing Run Cards

  1. Log in to your Dashboard.
  2. Using the sidebar navigation on the left, select Settings.
  3. In the sidebar, underneath Client Settings, click on the link labeled “Run Cards":

What Information Should Be Included On Run Cards?

Run Cards are typically placed in a physical location within a facility. Therefore, it may be best to include important information on pets that needs to be viewed outside of the software. Such as information to identify the pet and the pet's care instructions:

  • General information used to identify the pet: Name, Breed, Color, Sex, etc.
  • Feeding, medication, and behavioral information
  • Pet parent contact information
  • Veterinary information

You can also include any internal notes logged by staff, such as a Pet Field "Private Note," that is only accessible and visible internally:

Note: You can click the bottom right corner of a Field while still holding the corner and make a "pull down" motion to expand the field for editing purposes:

How To Print Run Cards?

Run Cards can be printed by checking in a pet in Front Desk Mode or by navigating to the pet's profile and clicking the "Run Card" button.

When checking in a pet, if the "Show Run Card" box is checked, you will then see a prompt at the end of checking in the pet to print the Run Card:

You can also print a pet's Run Card at any time by navigating to the Clients on the left sidebar navigation and clicking the Pet List in the drop-down options:

In your Pet List, you can search for the selected pet; by then clicking on the pet's name, you will be taken to the pet's profile, where you can print the Run Card:

When choosing either option, click the Print button to print the Run Card:

Understanding Fillable Fields

Fillable fields allow you to enter custom text each time a pet is checked in (the field can also be edited anytime a Run Card is viewed). For example, you might want to add a fillable field labeled 'Items Brought With,' so when checking in the pet, the Front Desk Team can quickly log any belongings the pet may have brought. This can also be helpful when needing to quickly note down pet care instructions verbally given by a pet parent at check-in.

To create Fillable Fields, navigate to your Client Settings ➝ Run Card, navigate to Fillable Fields, and click the "Add Field" button:

In the pop-up, you can start creating your Fillable Field by creating the Field Name:

Preview Text: Also commonly referred to as placeholder text, this will show in the field when no value has been entered. It is commonly used to show an example of the expected value. For example: 'Please enter any items pet parent left with dog at drop-off'
Autofill Value: Autofill lets you automatically fill this field's value for every new run card.

Autofill Value Options

Autofill Custom Text: Create text that will be automatically filled in this text box for each Run Card.

Autofill From Client/Pet Field: Select a Client or Pet Field to populate on the Run Card. The selected field's value will show each on the Run Card. For example, if Pet Field "Care Notes" is selected, each pet's Run Card will populate with the field's value.
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